CAFO Air Emissions on just one day -- April 14, 2005
Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia, and Particulate Matter from Field Application

During 2 weeks of dry weather April 1-15, 2005, the stench from CAFO manure applications in western Lenawee and eastern Hillsdale Counties was intense and persistent. The map below shows only one day, only manure fields documented -- there were no doubt others, especially around Morenci -- with winds out of the E (orange) and NE (yellow).   Red dots are CAFO facilities; brown rectangles are fields with liquid manure application on that day, 4-14-05.  Emissions from the various fields overlapped in zones of critical exposure, the large black circles. Every day wiinds shift, more fields are sprayed with liquid manure -- and the critical zones shift.  Almost everyone in this map's area suffers exposure to CAFO emissions. Many neighbors and vulnerable populations suffer acute as well as chronic exposures. On April 14, ECCSCM received reports from residents with symptoms of exposure to hydrogen sulfide and ammonia -- runny eyes, headache, nausea, respiratory problems.

Manure applications in Hudson area, 4-14-05

New Flevo Dairy
Two fields west of facility south side of Forrister Road, pivot irrigating liquid manure, also applying slurry on north side of road across from same field.

Applying solids at the northwest corner of Beecher and Morey Hwy (M-156). No incorporation.
Draglining east of the facility, surface applying liquid no incorporation.

Surface applying slurry south side of Plank Road east of Bates Hwy.

Hartland Farms
Surface applying liquid manure on hay at the northeast corner of Forrister Road and Hawkins Hwy, Halliwill hauling with two semis.
Drag lining on the surface with liquid manure over the Henning Drain. Southeast corner of Hughes and Beecher Road.
Incorporated liquid on the southwest corner of Beecher Road and Hughes Hwy.
Surface application of liquid manure on hay on the southeast corner of Cadmus and Hughes next to Bear Creek, very steep.

Haley Road Dairy
Incorporating liquid manure at the southeast corner of Tomer and Wheeler Hwy.

Vreba Hoff I
Incorporating liquid manure south of Packard Road east of Dillon Hwy, two tractors and tankers.
Incorporated two fields south of the facility on the east side of Dillon Hwy.
Draglining on the surface on the west side of Dillon Hwy across from the facility. Steep and next to Durfee Creek.

Vreba Hoff II
Incorporated liquid manure at the southeast corner of Morenci Road and US 127 at the Ohio border.
Still applying solids across from the facility yesterday, second application on south side of field.
Incorporating with the terragator on Acker Hwy 1/4 mile south of Medina Road, two semis running, dump box.
Dump box also located on east side of Acker Hwy just north of Donnelly.
Semi traveling north through Hudson, could still be hauling to Hanover/Horton.

Draglined surface applied liquid manure south of facility south of Camden Road west of US127.
Draglined a mile to the west surface applied liquid manure on cornstalks west side of Seeley Road north of Camden Road
Surface applying liquid manure northeast corner of Camden Road and Waldron Road .
Surface applied liquid manure on Road T west of US 127 1/4 mile next to railroad tracks, in Ohio

Bleich Dairy
Draglined surface applied east of the facility, west of US 127, east of US 127.
Also draglined surface applied east side of US 127 north of Hillside Road.
Also surface applied slurry east of US 127 north of Forrister Road