Medina Drain Monitoring Data, Fall 2013
(also previous monitoring projects: Summer 2011 and 2001-2003)

Medina Drain originates at the Medina Dairy CAFO (formerly Vreba-Hoff 1) production area on Dillon Hwy. Medina Drain was added to Michigan's 303(d) list of impaired waters in 2004 after numerous manure discharges from liquid manure applications. The Medina Drain sampling site for all ECCSCM monitoring projects was at the first road culvert downstream from the dairy, on Ingall Hwy.

This site drains only Medina Dairy property, including the CAFO facility, production area, waste storage, and manure-application fields.

The Vreba-Hoff CAFO was shut down, cows removed in fall of 2010. Note the improved DO levels since that shutdown, especially in the most recent 2013 samplings. See also video of minnows in Medina Drain, Sept. 2013. Even in 2011, the E. coli bacteria counts had improved, but DO levels were still extremely low. The data from 10 years ago, 2001-2003 during Vreba-Hoff operation, shows the frequent, very low DO and very high E. coli counts.

Below the data, please note photos of Medina Drain at Ingall Hwy, Then and Now. And for a 2-page album of the Vreba-Hoff Years, see all pollution photos of Medina Dr, 2002-2010)



NOTE below: TNTC = Too Numerous to Count


THEN, before the Vreba-Hoff shutdown, with CAFO upstream and manure application:
2002 meddr med
Medina Drain, from left: green with algae, July 2002; brown scum, March 27, 2003 - E. coli 15,800/100ml; red discoloration, June 12, 2003- E. coli 17,820/100ml.

NOW, since 2010, without CAFO or manure application:
clear2013 fish2013 cleaerwater
Medina Drain 2013, from left: clear water; minnows in Medina Dr, Sept 3, 2013; and.water sample, clear, Sept 24, 2013 (DO 8.6mg/L; E. coli 720/100ml)

See all pollution photos of Medina Drain during Vreba-Hoff operation 2002-2010.