Lime Lake Inlet Monitoring Data, Summer 2013
(also previous monitoring projects: Summer 2011 and 2001-2003)

Lime Lake Inlet is on Michigan's 303(d) list of impaired waters. It's a County Drain, the headwaters of Lime Creek in the Bean/Tiffin Watershed. This site is 1 mi. downstream from Hudson Dairy CAFO on US-127 (formerly Vreba-Hoff 2), the last culvert before the Inlet flows into Lime Lake, a residential and recreational lake with fishing, boating, swimming.

Lime Lake Inlet at Lime Lake Rd drains the Hudson Dairy CAFO facility (no cows since 2011) and some of its manure-application fields. It also drains Bill White Farm fields, a hog CAFO still in operation.

While there is clearly impact from existing operations, we wanted a baseline look at water quality now, before the 3000+ cow Hudson Dairy CAFO begins operation in Spring 2014.

The principal finding from the Summer 2013 monitoring was the steadiness of the water quality – not great, but not showing the extreme spikes in bacteria we found in the days of Vreba-Hoff operation and manure-irrigation.

7-15-13 – Lime Lake Inlet at Lime Lake Rd



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